Apr 2, 2013

Nook begins death watch..what about Nokia

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post, Microsoft is developing a knack for choosing losers and anything it touches, of late, seems to be doomed.

This report confirms the prediction...Nook on death bed?

Let us see if Nokia follows Nook after it chose M$ for its phone..Interestingly, Vertu, once rid of Nokia's shackles, chose Android for its latest mobiles! If Stephen had done the same, instead of Eloping with his former bosses, may be we will have a genuine competitor for Samsung.

Talking of all the doomsday predictions of IP related gloom and doom for Android, some of it FUD spread by paid shills, now Facebook too wants to get into the bed with Google.

And Apple's troubles are mounting, with China, and its state run media showing arrogant Apple what it feels to be at the wrong end of strong arm tactics using muscle and money power.


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