Mar 29, 2013

Ex Judges, lawyers encourage law breaking?

Have our ex judges and eminent lawyers gone crazy?

One of them, ex Judge Katju who is building up quite a reputation for crazy and silly statements that would put Mani Shankar Iyer to shame. The other is Shanti Bhushan ex-law minister and a lawyer.

Both want Sanjay Dutt to be pardoned.

Katju, thankfully only wants him pardoned because of age, fame, parentage etc. etc., none of which make any sense but is at least harmless influence peddling.

But Bhushan goes even further, arguing that Dutt acquired assault weapons (not even handguns) because he had to protect himself from Hindu mobs out to kill his family. And he was forced to get them illegally because the law doesn't allow him to do so legally.

This is the height of madness. Let us take this further..

If Dutt can acquire assault weapons, then every member of 'minority' community, who face similar threat, can do so too

Dalits facing persecution from upper castes, poor facing pressure from rich landlords and so many others can use exactly same arguments to acquire AK47s.

Slum dwellers facing eviction, forest occupiers facing pressure from Government, the list goes on..

It would then become apparent that other than rich upper class Hindus (the poor amongst them qualify under any of above criteria), practically 99% of Indians can use Bhushan's justification to acquire assault weapons, grenades, even nuclear warheads. And having acquired them, they can go ahead and use them because it is a pity to spend so much money and let it go waste. They can argue that they were 'forced to kill illegally because the law doesnt allow them to do so legally!'

This sort of nonsensical talk has become typical of our liberal elite who think a peaceful India can be built on foundations of murder, terrorism and violence.

May god save this country!