Jan 28, 2013

Apple's disgusting and abonimable behaviour comes to light

Steve Jobs may be dead, but the behaviour Apple as a company inherited from him is still alive. Karma is a bitch and it has now beaten Apple stock black and blue while Samsung's has been rising.

But this post is about a different matter.

Apple had been threatening Palm, a pioneer and truly innovative maker of handhelds with lawsuits - using its patent portfolio to attack the rival and prevent Apple employees from joining Palm. I have used Palm phones and PDAs back when Apple was not even making phones. They were not only a delight to use but need not be charged twice a day. In fact, I used to charge them hardly twice a week with good usage in between. A lot of the so-called innovations that we see in smartphones today was pioneered by Palm.

Read all about it in this post..it has come out as part of a lawsuit

Jobs, in a vicious attack that is so typical of him, stoops low, and threatens Palm by bragging about his superior financial resources..

I’m sure you realize the asymmetry in the financial resources of our respective companies when you say: “We will both just end up paying a lot of lawyers a lot of money.”

Is that Michael Corleone or a responsible corporate citizen speaking there?

Read the ex-Palm CEO's affidavit here

There is a way out

What the Judge in this case, or in any other case that involves any violation of law or using threats and blackmails by Apple is proved, is to impose upon Apple tens of billions of dollars in fine, that would effectively wipe out its cash reserve. 

Jail terms for its senior executives should also be seriously considered as part punishment for such intimidation. (In case you feel that is outrageous, actually Apple has shown the way, filing criminal charges against a small Spanish company and its executives, in a patent / copyright case, threatening them with arrest. That case was thrown out. So don't waste your sympathies). 

That and only that, will stop such threats from being used in future.

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