Dec 20, 2012

More bad news for Apple!! Pinch to zoom invalid

It seems in more ways than one Apple has to look back to find better days.

Now a most critical patent, a key part of the $1b verdict is deemed invalid. This is a big big blow. Let us see what the judge does, since by now all the non-design patents of that trial are under cloud. And she herself expressed doubts on the design ones. The biased mockingbird jury did not even consider validity or prior art, in its botched up job executed in great haste.

But the American legal system is not just one courthouse, so it may yet redeem itself

Don't be surprised if the entire case is reduced to nothing, even before appeals.

Samsung can take care of itself, it has money. But these lawsuits make it harder for 800 pound tech gorillas to blackmail and destroy smaller rivals using sleaze ball  lawyers and a dysfunctional patent system. That's the big reason we should all celebrate Samsung's victories. Or Google's for that matter.

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