Dec 18, 2012

A rotten verdict for Apple!

Perhaps reeling under the flood of negative coverage following the jury verdict, even assailed as a Kangaroo court by some observers, Judge Koh delivered a blow to Apple - denying injunction on the matter. Which means Samsung merely pays the $1b, which was described by Apple's own lawyers as a mere slap on the wrist!

Mind you, two of the patents used for the kangaroo verdict were thrown out on subsequent proceedings in USPTO. There were numerous other errors in the verdict by the jury which I had described earlier as "Mockingbird jury". All of which means the verdict itself will be trimmed, most likely, by Judge Koh herself, if not on the feather used to tap Samsung on the wrist is likely to become even softer and gentler.

Apple's strategy of using California courts (its track record elsewhere is pathetic) to destroy Samsung is now in tatters..

The case will go to the appeals court, no doubt. But the court where it likely ends up next is the one that threw out the Galaxy Nexus injunction (which perhaps influenced Judge Koh in delivering this verdict), so if you are a Apple fan, don't hold your breath!!

In the meantime, Apple stock is falling. Because, its own Mini, sold cheap to compete with Android tablets, is eating into full price IPAD sales. This is what I predicted earlier

Competition is great isn't it? Apple is not going to go back to the happy days of fleecing whatever it wants from its buyers any more..

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