Oct 31, 2012

Upgrading Linux (Ubuntu) is so hard

Many of us will be upgrading our desktop and laptop computers to Windows 8, the latest and greatest avatar of  Microsoft's cash cow. While Windows 7 users may see a fairly smooth process, notwithstanding some negative reviews, it will be much more difficult for XP and Vista users. M$ says you have to reinstall applications in such cases. Now that is a 2 or 3 day project depending on how many apps you have and if you find the CDs, keys and do endless service pack updates for some of them. Assuming of course, that they work with Windows 8

Now just how hard is it to upgrade Ubuntu Linux from, say, version 10.04 to a newer one (11.10)?

Well I had this VMWare virtual machine that was built with 10 and wanted to move to 11.

What did I do? Two things:

  1. Open the terminal 
  2. Type 'do_version_upgrade' and press ENTER

That's all folks!

In about 30 min or so, thanks to the reasonably fast net connection, it was all DONE, signed, sealed and delivered, with just one restart at the end of the entire process.

All applications were not just left unharmed, they too were upgraded!

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