Oct 23, 2012

This is big - Rubber band patent trashed

You can Google for details....USPTO has trashed the so-called rubber band patent, which was stretched by Apple to go after anything and everything that involves a touch interface..

Of course, there will be appeals which will go on forever but the significance of this decision is not to be reduced in any manner..

What this means is one of the key pillars of the $1b verdict, (full of totalling errors and obvious bias on the part of the jury foreman who was himself accused of lying to get the job), is in ruins and the verdict itself, or Apple's chance of collecting that money or enforcing any injunction, is in qyestion.

It may yet be possible that US 'justice' system redeems itself and gets a chance to wipe out the shame of being labelled  'Kangaroo court' by columnists.

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