Sep 6, 2012

The new Lumia 920 - great design but is it enough?

I am yet to see the phone other than in pictures in videos. But that is enough to appreciate the sort of talent Nokia has for design. Cutting edge technology plus the European design flair.

The spoiler, of course, is the fact that Nokia doesn't want to announce when it will go on sale. Unless they have a shocking surprise in store, that would be well after the new Iphone is out with larger screen and millions of pre-orders, making the Lumia announcement as exciting and fresh as candidate John McCain's concession speech.

And let us also not forget, anyone that spent money on the 900 and see it wasted as Microsoft and Nokia together abandon their existing users chasing new ones, is NOT going to spend money again and buy another Nokia. So they likely have to look for Iphone/Android camp defectors. Perhaps they have a chance if the new Iphone launch is goofed up big time by Apple. Either in terms of features or execution (delayed supplies,  initial teething defects etc). Even then Nokia may be too late to capture Apple loyals

Let us not forget that HTC will announce a new flagship on Sept. 19th and Motorola has been busy too. Samsung too is not going to keep quiet. So it would be a safe bet to say if someone defects from Android camp, that would not be for lack of choice.

But Nokia has a few things going for it this time around

  • The new windows OS is similar across phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops. So for the first time, Microsoft's enormous market share in non-phone arena can help Nokia.
  • Nokia has managed to attract unprecedented buzz, something to do with its nearly-dead hospice status and of course, to its beautiful new designs.
  • There are still a lot of users out there with fond memories of great Nokia phones
  • There are lots of new buyers out there that are buying their first smartphone and feel Microsoft is the way to go.
  • Other vendors don't seem to take Windows phone seriously enough, despite Android's legal woes. That means if someone wants to buy Windows, he is likely going to buy Nokia. I am saying this despite that fact that Samsung sold more Windows phones than Nokia in the US!

To summarise, a great product spoiled by bad execution and timing.