Jul 8, 2012

Ban on Nexus - big deal!

No one seems to have noticed the most important aspect of the so-called ban on Nexus sales, in the US.

  • Firstly, let us be clear - this ban only affects US, which though an important market, is nowhere as important as it used to be years ago.  
  • Secondly, Google has already gotten around the problem by producing a temporary 'fix' while still fighting the case in court through multiple strategies - invalidating the original patent, claiming non-infringement and mitigating impact if these strategies fail.

But the most important aspect is that the ban is a consequence of alleged violation of the 'Siri' voice search patent - mind you this was not even a feature of iPhone until recently, and hence is nowhere connected to the   ridiculous statement that the entire Android product is a 'rip-off'. That is what Jobs said of Microsoft Windows too, and we know where they stand in terms of market share..

The rest of the so-called patents which US seems to grant to any Tom Dick and Harry that has money to pay to lawyers without doing any homework, are in serious trouble in more sober, less litigation prone locations like U.K. And they did not meet the test of importance that merits a ban.

Thankfully, even in lawyer infested USA where sleaze-bag ambulance chasers and the likes of John Edwards abound, there is growing disgust and disquiet about dubious patents and their abuse by trolls and money-bags to harass competitors and reduce customers' choice.

One hopes to see increasingly louder calls for patent law reform take some concrete legislative shape.

Even now, judges can teach companies like Apple that use litigation aggressively and much too often a hard lesson - if they are ever caught on the wrong foot on patents or copyrights, fine them so high, their entire cash reserve gets wiped out.

One last bit of delicious news before we leave the topic..

A Chinese company is suing APPLE for violating their own patents - guess what? They are targeting the Siri voice search.. You can read all about it here..and in other websites - just GOOGLE!!!

Who knows, they may well succeed!!

We all know even the name IPAD was a "shameless rip-off", a term Apple loves to use..and which it was forced to pay $60m to license. Enough said about paid and unpaid shills and patent experts trying to project Apple as the sole innovator in the whole world and the rest as copy cats.

At the very least, this should provide 'prior art' for Google to take down yet another 'patent'. And provide enough fun to keep us entertained for a while...

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