Jul 18, 2012

An update on Nokia - they should consider Android

Back in November, I was not sanguine about the prospects of Nokia+M$ combo. This is what I said..

What can Nokia Windows phone do that HTC or other makes can't? Your guess is as good as mine. And what can Nokia do to enhance the pathetic mind share and market share that Windows 7 has managed to command, despite endorsement from LG, HTC and others? God knows.

Here is the link..

Now sales figures confirm the suspicion - Overall Windows phone share is pathetic at about 1% and interestingly, Nokia is not even the leading seller of Windows phone, Samsung is!! Despite all the hype about the Lumia 900.

BTW, my other prediction about Motorola did not unfortunately pan out the way I hoped ..because of ridiculous over pricing by Motorola.

Where is the fragmentation?

Remember all the controversy about Android 'fragmentation' because not all are running the same version of Android? How we were told that such things are not possible with Microsoft Windows Phone because updates apply to all phones?

Now comes the shocker - the new Windows Phone 8 will NOT support old devices, including the so-called flagship Lumia 900. Anyone buying that has guaranteed obsolescence.

And this is a nice gift to Nokia from Microsoft for having agreed to a one-sided monopoly where Nokia gives up on all its other OSs and does only Windows Phone, and Microsoft continues to work with all and sundry.

What can Nokia do?

The answer is simple - even though competition is tough, and the market has moved on, it has to join the Android bandwagon. Samsung, LG, HTC and all other johny-come-latey's to the party will then feel the heat - because a company that has been making great phones for as long as anyone cares to remember will show them there is still life left in Nokia. May be teach them a few design lessons along the way.

After all, it is not as if too many vendors cannot produce phones on the same OS and fail to differentiate...that's not how the PC market works, does it? Tons of companies produce the same Intel+Windows Ultrabooks, laptops and desktops and manage to survive, beat competition and carve out niches.

With Nokia in the same boat, the emphasis will shift to design and features - not whether it is Jelly bean or some other bean inside.

Is this the Plan B that Nokia's Chairman recently spoke about? Hope so..

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