May 24, 2012

No infringement on patents - Google wins!

The jury verdict is in and Oracle is left to pick up the pieces of what is left of the case - the so-called 'copyright' phase where there was a hung jury. There won't even be a damages phase of the trial! At least for now.

First we were told Oracle wants $6billion...then when that turned out to be 'bordering on the ridiculous', we were told it was not money that Oracle was seeking, it was injunction to 'protect Java'. Now that too is not likely.  If Java needs any protection, it is not from Google, it is from Apple and Microsoft.

It is not too late for Oracle to sit down with Google and figure out how the entire Android + Java ecosystem can find synergy and take on Apple as well Microsoft who would have been the real winners if Oracle won this case.

Oracle made attempts to reduce Microsoft's OS dominance by turning the database into a OS and a few other tricks - we know how far it got. Sun tried that too. With Android tablets, mobiles, and various other devices in the hands of millions of consumers as well as corporate users, there is a real chance of that vision turning into reality. That would benefit Oracle enormously.

Google would benefit too because its Google Docs, cloud based storage and various other initiatives would enter the corporate world, which Oracle understands better, and be a real alternative to Microsoft's dominant products and offerings. Imagine seamless integration of Google docs with Oracle ledgers and business software!

Let us hope sense prevails and lawyers don't.

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