Jan 24, 2012

Update on Apple vs Android

Weeks ago I had posted that Apple's thermonuclear war on Android seems more like a dud Diwali firecracker - now Newsweek seems to think so, and others are saying the exact same thing, in exact same words. A nice coincidence, I am not going to do an "Apple" claiming they stole my post!

Oracle is so desperate to get on with the lawsuit they offered to forget about (at least for time being) patent violations by Android to speed up the copyright trial. Not that the patent claims were going anywhere, many ending up in the trash can upon examination. The copyright too may end up same place since it has been reported that hardly a few dozen lines of codes are same....

Google is not unstoppable - it is simply smart and it is going to take serious innovation and precise execution to slow it down, not such lawsuits.

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