Dec 6, 2011

Xoom 2 - Doomed too?

Back in March, I wrote about how Motorola and Samsung are shooting themselves in their foot by overpricing their tablets when compared with the feature rich IPAD.

As it turned out, both have not done well and Xoom has been a big failure.

But now comes Xoom 2 and one would have hoped Motorola, now controlled by Google, would have learnt their lessons.

But big companies, it appears, take much longer to learn simple stuff, focussed as they are on mastering complex technologies and supply chains.

Now Engadget reports that Xoom 2 will cost US$620 for a 16GB version. Some 'features'

  • No expansion slot for micro-SD
  • Still dual core, not quad-core as in Asus Transformer Prime
  • No ICS, still sticking to Android 3.2 which is ridiculous considering Google now owns Motorla!

And you pay $620 for it when Asus is selling far better stuff for less, not to speak of the Ipad 2. And we have not even mentioned Kindle Fire until now which goes for less than $200.

So Xoom 2 is doomed, big time.

And it is not even a 'technology demonstrator' or 'loss leader' as the marketing geeks would try to explain..

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