Dec 25, 2011

Updates Google Android vs ROW

Look like Google and the equipment makers like Samsung, HTC, Motorola have more to cheer over the Christmas holidays....all of them are making great progress in the so-called patent wars.

  1. Apple's thermo-nuclear warhead turned out to be more of a dud Diwali cracker.. unless there is more WMDs in Apple's kitty..given their intention of destroying Android and that too quickly, that appears unlikely. A trivial feature that HTC can easily remove is the only 'violation' - NO IMPORT BAN, NO INJUNCTION, NO NOTHING..
  2. Apple's attempt to claim anything that is rectangular and has a screen as its own 'invention' is also facing scrutiny in Germany with the judge likely to throw out the claims.. No ban on Galaxy tab 10" of course..
  3. Microsoft that has managed to 'persuade' many Android device makers into coughing up more for some vague patents than it does for its entire Windows Phone OS, (BTW, this is, in view, M$ acknowledging openly that their OS is not worth that much, something the marketplace seems to agree, given the tepid sales of Nokia's Windows phone offerings) is likely to hit a brick wall too, with most patents barring trivial ones getting thrown out. 
  4. And last but not least, Oracle is facing even tougher time, with more decisions going against it in the US. USPTO is striking out many claims, including MAJOR ones, leaving only less important ones to fight over.

For those interested in competition in the marketplace and open software, even if not free, this is welcome news indeed.

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