Sep 3, 2011

The HP Touchpad conspiracy theory

First they released it with a lot of fanfare after months and years of preparation...and then they canned it within a month or so..then came the even more weird fire-sale.

Is HP trying to commit suicide? Are they that stupid? Or is it one big conspiracy?

Just take the fire sale to start with - it has led to a run on the device which was somewhat unprecedented. It was sold out in minutes, no one even knows how many units were sold and by what time. Even in super disciplined Singapore where people are long used to queuing up for hours, even days, to book property, collect Hello Kitty dolls and toasters for $5 in warehosue sale, the surge of humanity in the queue created a chaos and a near stampede and the sale had to be called off.

And now comes the even more crazy rumour or news, as you may have it, that the Touchpad may be resurrected!

So that brings us to the main point..

Was it all a planned conspiracy to turn a dud into a cult classic?

After all, even if HP lost $200 for each touchpad sold at $99, that kind of money is peanuts when you consider the amount they spend on marketing, ads and so on.. and I said earlier, no one knows just how many were sold at that price..but it sure hit the front (tech) pages of practically every newspaper in the world. Free publicity you can't buy for a billion dollars!

Now you can bet when the next batch is out, even if it is priced higher, say, $200, there will sure be another stampede...

Then comes the next and the next...

You heard it here first!