Aug 5, 2011

Soft skin - when convenient

Yet another radio host suffers from foot-in-mouth disease. Australian radio host Sandilands recently got into trouble calling the Ganges river, considered holy by Indians, 'junkyard'.

As has become usual, this kicked off a storm of protests forcing the host to apologise. Whatever be the intention of the host - be it humorous, condescending, even racist, will those who jump to protest think carefully?

After all, it is not the Australians or Germans that made the Ganga the dirty, polluted, filthy river it unfortunately is today - it is us Indians..

So the host is right, even though he should have been more considerate and positive even while being critical.

If each one of those jumping to protest because it is so easy these days, do themselves and the holy river a great favor?  Instead of wasting time on criticism,

  • Just go to Ganga river shore, pick up a bucket of filth, junk, plastic and other scrap floating in the river, and dispose it safely.
  • Or identify, name and shame one factory that is releasing pollutants into the river without any treatment
  • Identify one community or neighbourhood that is releasing untreated sewage into the Ganges or its branch rivers and do something to force them to change their ways....most likely scenario is they are Hindu Indians, not Brazilians or Aussies.
  • Convince one family to properly dispose of their dead instead of throwing the body into the river to attain 'moksha'. It can be attained by simply throwing something bio-degradable and symbolic instead.

Perhaps Kylie Sandilands would also happily join us and lend a hand..

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