Aug 4, 2011

Sensible health advise

There are tons of websites that offer all sorts of free advise. If you are like me, you would look at vast majority of them with a sceptical eye even if they are not directly selling something. And if they are selling something, it is better to assume the worst.

How about a website that does sell something but yet offers sensible advise based on medical knowledge, common sense and research? Right or wrong is another story, after all we often hear about 'latest research finding' that prove the exact opposite of what yet another 'latest research finding' proved barely months earlier..

Cut long story short, click here to go to Dr. Ben Kim's excellent website...I am so impressed with the quality of the articles and sheer common sense and folksy intelligence that hits you the minute you start reading...I am reading all the articles starting from the first one on page 78...well almost all of them..

His liberal praise of virgin coconut oil is a great example of common sense and ancient wisdom dismissed by 'science'. So-called "scientists" or to be more precise quacks that had sold their souls to other big edible oil corporates started defaming the oil to sell their own products....My own personal experience has been very positive...with reddish itchy skin condition in one of my legs. I do not know if it was eczema or whatever. Regular application of coconut oil for a month cured a 15+ year problem almost 99%. I say 99% because a small fraction of the old stain caused by the rashes remain, perhaps because I am past the age when skin renews itself completely. The rash itself is long gone.

Interestingly the second best oil according to Dr Kim is palm oil - yet another tropical oil lynched by trade lobbies to the point where it almost became poison - many food items such as chips still bear the label 'contains no palm oil or other tropical oils'...Dr. Mahatir Mohammad of Malaysia who used to slam the 'west' for this, for once had a point even though he too had a commercial axe to Malaysia produces lots of palm oil.

As if all the nice articles and information is not enough he even has pictures of a pretty Korean girl demonstrating some useful exercises..

Read and benefit..

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