Aug 31, 2011

OBL Conspiracy theory - an update

If you recall my earlier post on Osama Bin Laden conspiracy theories, I had posted the following questions that made the 'Joint operation' theory suspect though it had significant points going for it..

  • Why use super-secret stealth helicopters and risk them falling into Pakisani (re-exported to China) hands? If Pakistanis know about it, ordinary ones would do.
  • Why Abbotabad, instead of some remote location in tribal area to preserve Pakistan's honor & dignity?
  • Why deny the whole thing and make Pakistani army look like the chief idiot of the global village?

Now, prominent spyware specialist RJ Hillhouse has provided much needed answers to these questions...actually it is common sense, I should have guessed!

She answers two of the three points, possibly the third as well..
The helicopter crash put paid to the option of faking the location to some remote area to save Pakistan's H&D as it is often called.
They had to deny because that would keep the Saudi's who asked ISI to keep OBL safe and out of trouble happy and provide an plausible theory. 
So, in her words, the Pakistanis were thrown under the bus..

Like I said the third question is also possibly answered -they used super-expensive super-secret helicopters because they obviously did not expect resistance and also obviously did not expect it to crash like it did! 

Now that the whole matter is out in public domain, Pakistan should find playing three powerful countries one against the other and trying to please all (US, Saudis, China, not to speak of Iran) is going to be a tough game to play...result is zero credibility and respect or trust amongst all of them as it seems to be the case already!

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