Aug 31, 2011

OBL Conspiracy theory - an update

If you recall my earlier post on Osama Bin Laden conspiracy theories, I had posted the following questions that made the 'Joint operation' theory suspect though it had significant points going for it..

  • Why use super-secret stealth helicopters and risk them falling into Pakisani (re-exported to China) hands? If Pakistanis know about it, ordinary ones would do.
  • Why Abbotabad, instead of some remote location in tribal area to preserve Pakistan's honor & dignity?
  • Why deny the whole thing and make Pakistani army look like the chief idiot of the global village?

Now, prominent spyware specialist RJ Hillhouse has provided much needed answers to these questions...actually it is common sense, I should have guessed!

She answers two of the three points, possibly the third as well..
The helicopter crash put paid to the option of faking the location to some remote area to save Pakistan's H&D as it is often called.
They had to deny because that would keep the Saudi's who asked ISI to keep OBL safe and out of trouble happy and provide an plausible theory. 
So, in her words, the Pakistanis were thrown under the bus..

Like I said the third question is also possibly answered -they used super-expensive super-secret helicopters because they obviously did not expect resistance and also obviously did not expect it to crash like it did! 

Now that the whole matter is out in public domain, Pakistan should find playing three powerful countries one against the other and trying to please all (US, Saudis, China, not to speak of Iran) is going to be a tough game to play...result is zero credibility and respect or trust amongst all of them as it seems to be the case already!

Aug 15, 2011

Dial M for Motorola

Google has gone and bought Motorola, or to be more precise its mobile phone arm which got spun out of the larger Motorola. As I posted earlier in July, Google is not stupid, it did not overpay for the Nortel patent for nothing. Because, as it now transpires, it had something even better in the works...

The first question is, how will HTC, Samsung react because they now have to face competition from Google! After all, mobile vendors share their product development plans with Google which in turn shares OS plans and so on, so why would you do that with someone that will also sell what you do?

Logical questions, but the reaction of the phone vendors are worded so alike, they seem to be singing the exact same song - "we welcome Google's commitment to defend Android and its partners'.

Me thinks there is very little chance of any worrying conflict of interest. Firstly, other than Apple, no one, not even Microsoft to Nokia, is willing to grant monopoly to a single vendor. So there is not that much choice.  Secondly, the phone vendors are not saints, they too dabbled with OS, such as Bada. Thirdly for Google,  Android is not a ticket to making money selling hardware, it is something much bigger. It would be foolish indeed to let partners fail simply to sell more Defy II phones. 

And as we remarked earlier, in case you missed, they are not exactly fools

Is $12b too much?

Who can tell? Remember, Microsoft will pay 'billions' to Nokia to get them to make Windows phones. We dont know how many billions. And Motorola as 17000 or so patents as per news reports. Some of them could come in handy dealing with those pesky patent trolls that are digging for gold in Mountain View. 

Aug 5, 2011

Soft skin - when convenient

Yet another radio host suffers from foot-in-mouth disease. Australian radio host Sandilands recently got into trouble calling the Ganges river, considered holy by Indians, 'junkyard'.

As has become usual, this kicked off a storm of protests forcing the host to apologise. Whatever be the intention of the host - be it humorous, condescending, even racist, will those who jump to protest think carefully?

After all, it is not the Australians or Germans that made the Ganga the dirty, polluted, filthy river it unfortunately is today - it is us Indians..

So the host is right, even though he should have been more considerate and positive even while being critical.

If each one of those jumping to protest because it is so easy these days, do themselves and the holy river a great favor?  Instead of wasting time on criticism,

  • Just go to Ganga river shore, pick up a bucket of filth, junk, plastic and other scrap floating in the river, and dispose it safely.
  • Or identify, name and shame one factory that is releasing pollutants into the river without any treatment
  • Identify one community or neighbourhood that is releasing untreated sewage into the Ganges or its branch rivers and do something to force them to change their ways....most likely scenario is they are Hindu Indians, not Brazilians or Aussies.
  • Convince one family to properly dispose of their dead instead of throwing the body into the river to attain 'moksha'. It can be attained by simply throwing something bio-degradable and symbolic instead.

Perhaps Kylie Sandilands would also happily join us and lend a hand..

Aug 4, 2011

Sensible health advise

There are tons of websites that offer all sorts of free advise. If you are like me, you would look at vast majority of them with a sceptical eye even if they are not directly selling something. And if they are selling something, it is better to assume the worst.

How about a website that does sell something but yet offers sensible advise based on medical knowledge, common sense and research? Right or wrong is another story, after all we often hear about 'latest research finding' that prove the exact opposite of what yet another 'latest research finding' proved barely months earlier..

Cut long story short, click here to go to Dr. Ben Kim's excellent website...I am so impressed with the quality of the articles and sheer common sense and folksy intelligence that hits you the minute you start reading...I am reading all the articles starting from the first one on page 78...well almost all of them..

His liberal praise of virgin coconut oil is a great example of common sense and ancient wisdom dismissed by 'science'. So-called "scientists" or to be more precise quacks that had sold their souls to other big edible oil corporates started defaming the oil to sell their own products....My own personal experience has been very positive...with reddish itchy skin condition in one of my legs. I do not know if it was eczema or whatever. Regular application of coconut oil for a month cured a 15+ year problem almost 99%. I say 99% because a small fraction of the old stain caused by the rashes remain, perhaps because I am past the age when skin renews itself completely. The rash itself is long gone.

Interestingly the second best oil according to Dr Kim is palm oil - yet another tropical oil lynched by trade lobbies to the point where it almost became poison - many food items such as chips still bear the label 'contains no palm oil or other tropical oils'...Dr. Mahatir Mohammad of Malaysia who used to slam the 'west' for this, for once had a point even though he too had a commercial axe to Malaysia produces lots of palm oil.

As if all the nice articles and information is not enough he even has pictures of a pretty Korean girl demonstrating some useful exercises..

Read and benefit..