Jun 29, 2011

Fuzzy logic washing machines..

You must have seen those ads...

About once a month when I get back home from a business trip I like to wash my clothes by hand. Why?

  • I can soak them for more effective washing..and less use of soap
  • I can wash whites and others separately
  • I can soak whites in bleach sparing the coloured ones
  • I can soak socks in disinfectant before washing them separately
  • I know which ones were worn just for a short while in air-conditioned buildings and treat them differently compared to ones I wore through bus rides and train journeys in the rough
  • I can deal with collars and cuffs with extra 'care' with extra soap so overall soap usage (and chemical pollution) is reduced
  • I can dry them in sun or shade depending on color, quality etc.

Above all

  • I can re-use the last rinse water for next round of soaking clothes
  • I can re-use rest of rinse water for the toilet or other purposes

Now when you read about fuzzy logic, when applied to a machine that just rotates mechanically not knowing whether it is washing your blanket or socks, don't you feel marketing spin has been taken a bit too far?