Mar 17, 2011

When paranoia and irrational hysteria replace common sense

The nuclear crisis in Japan is getting doubt. But something has gotten even worse...scare mongering and paranoia bordering on the ridiculous by mainstream media and some government commentators..

They make the folks circulating fake radiation threat SMSs in Manila and Chennai (India) look quite reasonable and rational.

Take some samples

  • Some are announcing complete scrapping of nuclear plans or shut down existing ones - like someone posted, that is like grounding all A380s because a 1960's DC9 plane crashed. Reactors are of many designs and of many vintage, just like airplanes.
  • US asks troops to stay 50 miles away when a UK expert clearly says 20-30 kms is good enough. Mind you these are supposedly soldiers not kindergarten kids..or sick grandmothers..
  • China stops nuclear plant construction - a country where mining disasters kill hundreds of coal miners on a routine basis...and where pollution is a big issue all over the country.
  • Tokyo airports are full of people wanting to leave!
  • Countries as far away as Canada are issuing clarifications that radiation will not cross the Pacific, travel 8000 kms and reach their shores! 
  • Media freely use terms like Chernobyl, nightmare, nuclear winter, hiroshima and whatever else that comes to their mind, without any logic or reason

Let us hope this absurd nonsense ends soon...

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