Mar 9, 2011

How not to take on the IPAD

With the benefit of hindsight, we can easily see how Microsoft won not just the OS war but also the Office applications war - mostly thanks to its competitors shooting themselves in their own foot. Wordperfect shot itself to death refusing to deal with Windows, hoping DOS would last forever. Lotus did not do much better.

Now the same history looks like being repeated in the tablet wars...

When faced with a formidable rival with cool design, compelling content, high market as well as mindshare and believe it or not reasonable pricing, what should other tablet vendors do?

Obviously do something equally good or better in each and every department - hardware, software, marketing and above all PRICING.

Now it looks like both Motorola and Samsung are operating under the assumption that users are so fed up with IPAD they would pay any price to get a rival tablet that does not offer much as much content. Unlike Netbooks, tablets are for consuming content, not creating word documents or spreadsheets.

Motorola's ridiculous US$800+ pricing for XOOM, justified simply because it has better hardware (most of that superiority is washed out with IPAD2 anyway) is a good example. Samsung Galaxy tab too costs S$900+ in Singapore, a price that would get you an IPAD with far better features! Even the Series 9 of Samsung laptop, which should compete with MacBook Air is ridiculously expensive.

Why are they doing this? To handover the tablet market to IPAD on a silver plate? To commit hara-kiri?

Hope HP would do better (and drop their WebOS for Android)

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