Feb 27, 2011

Eagles live!

It was great watching the 1970s band Eagles live in Taiwan..I only knew them through their most famous songs like Hotel California and Take it Easy.

Their performance was great because they knew what the audience wanted - hear their greatest hits and some new stuff.  And they delivered. Talking of audience, it was mostly local people, surprisingly young crowd for a band that is from another generation. Another surprise is the almost total absence of  'expat' faces. One would have thought there are many in Taiwan that would love to hear them live. I was, of course, the only Indian perhaps in the crowd!

If the very second song was "Hotel California", I need not say much about the choice of songs..they knew what the audience wanted. "Take it easy" was the last piece and between them there were more than  a dozen numbers, including "Witchy woman" and "Take it to the limit" (Glen said his wife calls it the 'credit card song')...most rendered with a lot of passion and energy for their age. The guitar play was simply superb - Glen, Stuart and the rest.

Un-forgetable...worth every cent I paid..

Of course, having listened dozens of times to Hotel California savaged and ripped apart by lots of Fililpino bar and restaurant singers, not to speak of Karaoke bar 'performers' in S.E.Asia, it was a pleasure to hear the original :-)

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