Sep 14, 2010

Google Translate - even better than sliced bread?

I know I am raving about something people are using on a daily basis for months now - Google Translate. But each one of us I guess discovers it in a unique way and is amazed by its possibilities...

I normally type or copy and paste a few words in the Google translate web page. Then the other day I had to translate a document. So I tried to upload an Excel file. The results were good but did not come out in Excel format.

There had to be a way...

Yes, there was. Google Docs!

I simply uploaded the excel to Google docs, and searched for translation option there - just assuming Google being so clever, they would have found a way. Yes, they had! It is a deceptively simple function called GOOGLETRANSLATE() that works wonders.

Simply point to a cell and ask for any language ("ES" for Spanish or "CN" for Chinese),  you see the translated version of any cell in another language! Some copy and paste later, an entire spreadsheet with a thousand plus rows was available to me in two languages, the whole process taking less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

People talk about big things using big words like game-changer, revolutionary, paradigm shift and so on...I have simply run out of words to describe what Google is doing!

People are also worried if Google may one day destroy Microsoft or Apple or perhaps both...I should say I look forward to that day...