Jul 9, 2010

Memories of '82

I only vaguely remember watching Brazil play in the 1982 world cup - as well as the 1986 one as well..but one thing I remember fondly is the way they passed the ball around...keeping it firmly on the ground, fluently passing to one another as if the other team, however talented, does not matter in the least, not just keeping possession but always moving towards the other sides' penalty area...the whole thing looked well orchestrated, deceptively simple, like watching a good violinist play..and then they had such nice (and easy to remember) names like Zico, Socrates and Junior.

When I watched Spain play Germany in the semi-finals, I was pleasantly surprised because they were playing almost exactly the same way. As I do not watch European league games, I was not familiar with their style and it was such a pleasure to watch.

It is as if there was a hidden magnet in each Spanish boot that makes the ball stick to their feet...and promptly attach itself to the team mate they pass to. Only in very long passes they were not so precise.

Good luck Spain...I will be cheering you on Sunday..hopefully from a nice pub somewhere in Singapore! It may be 2.30am in the morning, it may be that I have to catch a flight next morning but it is not often one gets to watch such talent..

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