Jul 3, 2010

Beauty of Linux

My laptop hard disk failed yesterday. I was on Windows 7. Compared to all other versions of Windows, such as XP or the dreaded Vista, I should say 7 is the best. However, I got to know how far Microsoft has to travel when I was forced to use Linux for a day or so...

I was trying Windows 7 rescue but it ran for about 6 hours only to restart and re-run again. In the meantime, I was stuck. I gave up.

I had to find a way as there was lots of stuff in the disk I had not backed up. I slotted in a Ubuntu DVD I had received with a magazine and rebooted. It is a live-CD which means no need to install anything. In 5 minutes, I was running a nice graphical operating system, with Firefox and everything. It automatically found my wireless connection and connected to the net. It also came with a truck load of useful software including Office equivalents.

It found my laptop's hard disk, along with brand, serial number, temperature and practically everything about it other than the name of the salesgirl that sold it to me! Naturally it could also show me all the files inside.

I could happily move critical files to another disk and wipe it clean, so I can reinstall Windows 7 again, without losing anything (other than a few hours of valuable time, of course!)

So my advise to anyone using a laptop or desktop - keep a Live DVD of Ubuntu (or any other linux distro) handy - it may not save your life but it will surely save a lot of other things...

Even if you dont fry a hard disk, it is still useful to boot this DVD to browse the net with no risk of any malware or spyware or virus affecting your laptop's operating system  and not leave any trace behind, in case your one someone else's laptop. You can choose to unmount your laptop's hard disk and just work on the DVD alone. Now that would frustrate not only the spammers and virus makers but also those corporate busy-bodies that 'mine' your computer for valuable information so they can spam you even more...

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